2 Bedroom Condo Overview for Orange Beach - Dec 2019

The Orange Beach condo market is full of variety when it comes to the size of units, style, and amenities but this article will focus on condos that have 2 bedrooms. 

We all have specific needs and wants when buying a condo so for those of you who only want to consider a 2 bedroom condo in Orange Beach, this is for you.

2 Bedroom Condo Overview for Orange Beach – December 2019

What’s On the Market Now….

As of today’s writing, there are 111 condos that are for sale in Orange Beach that offer 2 bedrooms.  While this city has a multitude of complexes, here are a few communities where you can find these units:

You can see all 2 bedroom condos for sale here.

You can visit any of the above links for more information on the community and see all of the condos that are for sale.

Here are the statistics for 2 bedroom condos on the market in Orange Beach:

  • 111 Condos for Sale
  • Highest priced – $639,000
  • Lowest priced – $184,900
  • Average price – $387,058
  • Median price – $398,500
  • Largest – 1,700 square feet
  • Smallest – 612 square feet
  • Average size – 1,102 square feet
  • Price per square foot – $352
  • Days on the market – 110

Orange Beach is not a very large area but this town always seems to have a strong turnout in sales.  As you cans see from the graphic above, sales do very well in November for 2 bedroom units and prices have fairly steady over the past 3 years during this time.

There have been 80 condos with 2 bedrooms sold just in November over the past 5 years.

Also very important, there has been a 22% in value for these units over the last 5 years.  Think where value will be 5 years from now!

2 Bedroom Condos Sold from November 1st – 30th

Sold 2 Bedroom Condos in Orange Beach - Dec 2019

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