Whether you’re a buyer or seller (or both) for an Orange Beach condo, the information on this page will give you a better idea of the current real estate market.  Here’s what’s happening…..

Orange Beach Condo Snapshot – November 2019

Orange Beach Condo Snapshot - Nov 2019

I’m Jeff Nelson, a Realtor for about 14 years, and I love to provide the most up to date information for my clients.  So, here is the latest for our condos in Orange Beach!

Condos That Have Sold in the Last 12 Months

The first part of the infographic above shows stats for the last 12 months.  Understand that these numbers are just for Orange Beach and only pertain to condo sales.  Gulf Shores and other types of real estate aren’t included here.

As you can see, with 762 condos sold we remain in a very strong real estate market and the activity has increased over the past years.  I find it very interesting to separate the number of sales into peak and off peak seasons.  For the purposes of this article, I’ve labeled the off peak season as the period from August 31st through March 1st.

303 condos sold during the off peak season which tells us that our market really doesn’t slow down much through the year.

As a whole, the number of condos sales in Orange Beach are 6% higher than the 12 months before that.  Strong market!

You can also see that we have condos in all shapes, sizes, and price points.  You may be wanting to live here full time, have a condo as a second home, or want an investment.  Whichever route you decide to go, there is probably a property for you.

Year Over Year

The second part of the infographic gives you historic figures for how this year compares to the last 4 years.  Today’s date is December 5th and the figures I used are Year to Date, so these stats are from all condos that sold in Orange Beach from January 1st through December 5th.

It’s very easy to tell by looking at the graphs that the Orange Beach market is on a steady incline without any drastic changes going forward or backward.

If you’re an investor, there is tremendous opportunity for those who want to capitalize on the many tourists who visit our beach every year.  Their numbers are continual and growing annually.  If you need more information about any condo complex in Orange Beach, please reach out to me.  I’ll get you anything you need including details on a property, rental history, etc..


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